5 breakfast toasties

5 breakfast toasties

When you have kids and you want them to eat better, the number one item you strive to take off their menu is junk food!

The best way to do that is to provide smarter options that look just as good as (and taste just as good as if not better than) the junk they crave.
Sandwiches and toasties are a great place to start your quest for a better breakfast experience for your family. In this article Puck will share 5 breakfast toasties that you can make in less than 10 minutes. They will look good, smell good and make you feel good, inside and out!

Scrambled Eggs with Cheese

Eggs are nutritional powerhouses especially for growing kids, but they can become boring if you serve them in exactly the same way every day. Change things up by placing your scrambled eggs in a toasty.
Choose your favorite toast bread
Make scrambled eggs
Top them with Puck Cream Cheese Spread for an added layer of creaminess and taste
Make your toasties and wrap them in Puck's new comic packaging and your kids will gobble them up in no time

Avocado, Cheese, and Tomatoes (featured image)

Kids need a healthy source of fat to help with their growth and avocados are the perfect source for that. In addition to the healthy fat content, they will keep them full for hours. A win-win situation in any busy mum's book Puck tip: To keep your avocados from browning, cut them immediately before making the toasty and place them between the cream cheese layer and the tomato slices.

Cheesecake Toasty: Cheese, Jam, Strawberry Slices

Cheesecake for breakfast will have the kids jumping with joy (and the adults might join in as well!). Only this is a twist on cheesecake that you can serve in the morning with a clear conscience! You can switch up the jam and berry: Try blueberry jam with some lemon zest mixed into Puck Cream Cheese Spread or some raspberry with a few white chocolate chips.

Club Sandwich

You can enjoy a great club sandwich at home and better yet, you can customize the layers in any way that you (or your kids) like. Eggs, no eggs, extra Puck Cream Cheese Spread, more pickles, no pickles. You are the chef!
The way we like to make ours is as follows:
Layer 1 slice toast, Puck Cream Cheese Spread side up, 1 lettuce leaf, 1 slice turkey, 2 slices tomato, pickles, a teaspoon mustard, 1 slice toast, Puck Cream Cheese Spread -side down. Spread 1-teaspoon Puck Cream Cheese Spread on the top side of the toast and repeat the layers.

Tuna melt

Every mum worries about seafood and mayonnaise when buying premade sandwiches. Skip the headache and make it yourself!
Use your favorite tuna
A squeeze of lemon juice (and a bit of dried oregano if you are feeling adventurous)
Puck Cream Cheese Spread for that irresistible creamy cheese melt
Pickles, olives or herbs for added zing
Then enjoy the heavenly combo of tuna and cheese.

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